Monday, July 16, 2012

My shifts have been pretty uneventful lately.  Most of my patients are usually not very sick.  Most of the patients I see lately are patients that could have seen a primary doctor for their issues.  However, the only interesting thing I can talk about is tonight (shift 85), I had a patient come in that I saw during my last shift, which was on Wednesday.  She came in with stomach pain that never went away from last time she was here, only it spread up into the left side of her chest and it was a lot worse that it was before.  The pain had gotten worse in the last 3 hours.  Turns out she had ST segment elevations in her EKG, which means it was a bad heart attack. (ST elevation=bad!).  Since we cannot do cardiac catheterizations in our hospital, she had to be transferred to another hospital.  The ER doctor had ordered a nitroglycerin drip IV, and since she was on the drip, I had to go with her during the transfer (the paramedics cannot manage drips like that during transport).  It was the first time I ever transported a patient to another hospital.  We drove lights and sirens on the way to the other hospital.  It was a neat experience, but it was unfortunate for the patient, though.

That's all I have for now.  I am working three days straight- today was day one.  Stay tuned for days two and three......and then I have a nice 4 days off.

Until then.....


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