Monday, May 25, 2009

(otherwise known as E. coli) That's what I grew in my petri dish in the lab. How cool is that? I also grew something called Micrococcus Luteus, but everyone knows what E. coli is, so I figured I'd mention that.

Anyway, my microbiology class is REALLY cool, but it's not easy. I got a B on my first quiz, so I was a little bummed about that. I have my second lab quiz and my first lecture test next Thursday the 4th, so I am hoping to do well on those. My professor is a great teacher, but he is definitely one to make you really think by the way he asks his questions, which is definitely a good thing.

Some of the things we've been learning lately is how to prepare slides. The slides have to be stained because otherwise, you would not be able to see the bacteria, so we've been learning the various staining techniques. I am one of the few people in class that does not have a lab partner, and actually, I like it that way. I get to do the entire experiment by myself and believe it or not, its faster that way. I had to work with someone last lab, and it took me more time to clean up and get out of class than the other times when I am alone.

On a completely different topic, I can't believe that I could be hearing from school about making it into the Nursing program or not in as little as a week. While I am pretty confident I will make it in, there's still that bit of uncertainty that makes me a little anxious. But, I am really excited and I will be very relieved when the emails go out. As of now, the plan still stands at me deferring my seat for August and starting in January. However, while that plan seems pretty firm, anything can happen and change, but that is the plan. I will keep you posted.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am growing bacteria in the lab. Pretty cool, eh? I streaked some bacteria onto a little petri dish and now its in the back of my class room incubating. I wonder if I did it right.... I wonder what it will look like......

Guess we'll see.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is scary.

Yet, it seems like it will be interesting.

But I'm still scared.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated here in a while. Things have been crazy with my finals, then going out of town, and then trying to get some things accomplished around the house before the new semester starts. Here are some quick bullet point updates:

  • I got a 92 on my A&P2 lecture final
  • My final grade for my A&P2 lecture class is an A
  • I got a 97 on my A&P2 lab final
  • My final grade for my A&P2 lab class is an A
  • On Tuesday I start Microbiology lecture AND lab (the classes are back to back)
  • On Wednesday, I start Lifespan Development (this is a developmental psychology class)
  • This past Friday I turned in my application for the nursing program
  • I should find out by the end of the month if I am "IN"
  • My GPA for my pre-reqs is 3.57
  • My overall GPA is 3.64
  • I am proud of my GPA's even though they don't seem that "high" because I had a much lower GPA in high school (I didn't say those weren't good GPAs, just not that high)
  • I'm nervous about Microbiology, but I think it will be fun
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