Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This class is done, and has been done since last Monday- thank goodness! I'm not sure how much longer I could tolerate the teacher.

Unfortunately, she is the worst professor (if I should even call her "professor") that I have ever encountered. She is rude, she would never admit she is wrong, she confuses herself during lecture, she doesn't know what she's teaching, she often contradicts the book during her lectures, her exams are just ridiculous and she is just overall mean, unless she likes you.

I am so glad to be out of her class. It was by far the most difficult and I am so thankful I did so well on the first exam and decent enough on the second exam to where I only needed to get 57 on the final to pass the class. I ended up getting a 72 on the final. That actually was a failing grade- C is 73-82. But it was enough to pass me and that's all that matters.

There was a lot of people who needed grades in the 70's on the final to pass. Some did it, some did not. A lot did not actually. If I had to guess, about 1/3 of the class failed. Even my clinical instructor said that if so many people are failing her class, semester after semester, doesn't that tell you it's not the students? I counted at least 25 students that took this class last semester that were retaking it now with me and I would say about that failed the course this time. Very sad. And makes me VERY grateful I was able to come out of this class alive and kicking. I can't even imagine having to sit through this lady's lectures and exams for another semester. Talk about torture.

My clinical instructor on the other hand was amazing. She really got us to think but in a non-intimidating environment. She was gentle and kind but didn't hold our hands- which is what we don't need. We need to be able to handle things on our own and think about things ourselves, but she never made us feel stupid or scared or imcompetent if we didn't know the answer.

I think all instructors need to take a course from her in how to handle students. Like I said, we don't need someone to hold our hands, we just need someone to believe in us. She did that, and it made a difference.

So next up- Cardio. This is a mixture of cardiology and respiratory problems, and a few endocrine issues. This is basically the last "stressful" course I will be taking, and once I am out of this course, the next one is just writing papers and doing projects and pretty much it is unheard of to fail that course. I will have 3 exams in the Cardio class and 1 exam in the last class, and then I am done.


Wow. Never thought I would reach that point. It seemed like such a far off goal, but now it's so close. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Four months and 11ish days left. Wow.

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