Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, I have my 3rd of 5 tests in my A&P2 lecture class on Monday. This test will be on the Lymphatic and the Respiratory Systems. I must say, I learned quite a bit of information, and I am hoping to do well on this test. I have a lot of studying to do this weekend, and I'm just hoping that when I'm actually taking the test that I don't make the silly, second-guessing mistakes I usually make. I've learned that they aren't lying when they say, "Go with your first instinct/answer." Every time I've doubted myself and went back and changed the answer, the new answer was wrong and the first one was correct, yet, somehow when I am taking the test, I convince myself that "this time" the new answer will be the correct one.

In my lab, I have been trying to keep it on the DL that I was the one who got the 104, yet one of my classmates from last semester has now changed my name to 104. "Hi, 104, how are you today?" "What's up 104?" Sigh. Our next test is this week as well on Thursday. This test is on the Digestive and Urinary Systems. Guess what I can do? I can tell you the flow of bile from your Liver (and Gallbaldder) to your small intestines. Yay. After some studying this week, I will also be able to tell you the flow of urine from your kidneys and out of your bladder, as I am sure you were interested in knowing.

After this, in lab, the next thing we are doing is the Reproductive System and Embyology. I am BEYOND excited about this part and I can't wait. In my lecture class, we will be starting the Digestive and Urinary Systems next, and then we will also conclude with the Reproductive System as well.

I was able to register for next semester FINALLY this week. I registered for Microbiology lecture and lab, and Human Growth and Developement, which is a pyschology class that I will eventually need for a Bachelor's degree. I am pretty excited about my Micro class, but I heard that it will be EXTREMELY challenging. Apparently, the professor, who is great, so I hear, basically tells the class that if you can pass him with a C or higher, you will make it in nursing school. So, we'll see. It's a lot of critical thinking, which, I am horrible at. I never think outside the box. And when I do, I am too afraid to answer the question wrong, I don't try. I am really going to have to push myself with this class. I won't be too worried about this "grade" in this class as I am with my others, since it is not a pre-req for the program. The only GPA they look at is from the pre-reqs, but at the same time, I am going to work hard and try to do my best. I am just going to try to be happy with B's and C's (hopefully not too many of these). I think Micro is going to be interesting, so I hope I am not disappointed.

I got my first of the vaccines I need the other day- Hepatitis B. This series in particular, requires 3 seperate shots. You get the first one, then come back a month later for the second, and then six months later for the third. So, I started on this one for now, since its going to take a while to complete. I am starting to get all my ducks in a row. I can't even believe its near time to get ducks in their rows, but I am trying to be as organized as I can. I've even already filled out my nursing program application, which was actually just a form asking my name and address and a few other questions.

Anyway, that's all for now. T-Minus 48 days until I turn in my application in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Since I was away on vacation, I completely forgot my professor said we could email him for our midterm grades sometime after this past Monday. Well, today I remembered, so I emailed him to find out. I got his response within a couple of hours and this is what his email said:
"Best one. 104. Good job. Suuuuuuuuuper.
Enjoy the break.
See you soon."
The most you can get was 106, I believe, since there was 3 extra credit questions. While I figured I had an A, I was very excited to see I had the highest grade. I don't know what it is about the anatomy models, but for some reason I do really well with them, and that is basically what my midterm and final practicals are made up of. There were several microscopes in which I had to answer questions based on looking at slides, and there were two stations I believe that had a real pig heart that I had to identify whatever he was pointing at. There was on station with a question on identifying the blood type based on what was set out for us to look at (a tray with fake blood that had A, B and Rh antibodies added and based on what we saw, or didn't see, we can determine the blood type) .Other than that, they were all anatomy models.

School starts back up again on Monday, so look for more updates coming up next week. Next test: World Religion on Saturday, March 14th. Sigh. This is seeming to be my hardest class this semester.

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