Friday, July 27, 2012

I've been a horrible blogger lately.  Thing is, after my 2nd and 3rd shift last week, I had 4 days off and I just did nothing.  Then this week I worked 3 days, and now I have 7 days off in which I would like to also do nothing. 

At any rate, there really hasn't been much going on. Day in and day out its the same....some sick patients, a few really sick patients, and then a bunch of patients who you wonder why they actually came to the ER in the first place.  

On the day of shift 86 I worked 2pm-2am and I was sent home early at 11:30pm due to it being slow.  The next shift, shift 87, I worked 11am-11pm and at 7:30pm I was sent home due to it also being slow.  On my last shift this week, shift 90, I was called at 11am and told that they were slow and that I wouldn't need to come in until 7pm.  I was supposed to work 2pm-2am, but I worked 7pm-2am instead.  It stinks to lose the time, but I am able to use my vacation time to make up for the lost hours.  The good thing is I still have a little over a week of vacation time after using it for getting off early/going in late, so I'm not upset.  And I get to spend extra time with my family, so thats always a plus.  

The only other thing I can think of to talk about is that fact that I am probably moving to day shift.  This would begin with the next schedule that hasn't yet been posted, which is the Aug 26-Sept 22 schedule.  I haven't heard official confirmation of this yet, but it seems pretty likely to happen.  Basically, one the day nurses put in her notice and told me about it, so I went to my clinical coordinator and asked what the chances were that I could move to days.  She told me they were thinking of moving me anyway because of the fact that I am still so new and I really should have a full assignment every shift so that I can learn to organize, prioritize, and see things from beginning to end.  I agree.  Also, one of the night charge nurses has been giving me a hard time and I have recently just gotten completely fed up with her, and making a move to days would be better for my sanity.  Its busier, the techs aren't as helpful during day shift (I don't know why that is) but the days got by faster for some reason and the 2pm-2am shift just drags on forever.  I'm pretty tired of working to 2:30am-3am and getting to sleep somewhere between 3:30-4:30am on work nights.  I sleep until 11 or 12 and half my day is gone.....however, its better than night shift where I'd lose my whole day, so I won't complain. 

Anyway, that's all for now.  I am off until Wed and then I have a horrendous schedule.  Work Wed, off Thurs, work Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, off Tues and then work Wed.  Six out of eight days working....bleh.  But the bright side of that is I will have six days off after that.  I'll keep you posted on the move to days.

Until next time......


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